Redefining design. Redesigning the future



COMPANY The advent of the Internet is perhaps the greatest paradigm shift we've witnessed this century. Millions of individuals and businesses across the globe are now communicating, interacting and conducting business in ways that we never would have imagined ten years ago. Advanced Group, a member of the Egyptian advertising association is assigned as a leading company in advertising and computer multimedia , by the Egyptian commercial representation (E.C.R) to produce the official catalog of the Egyptian exports & exporting companies distributed by the E.C.R. in 67 Arab & foreign countries, as a part of the ministry of supply & foreign trade's international marketing & exports promotion Campaign. We consider ourselves an integrator on all levels of business that involve Internet technology and digital media. Businesses of all sizes that confront the promise of new opportunities in Internet, digital media and electronic commerce realize that this promise comes with an increasing set of complex technology, creativity and strategic challenges.

OUR GOAL is to actively reduce those complexities, costs and risks. Advanced group uses its experience, resources and partnerships to ascertain, that our planned solutions are effectively implemented.

VISION We envision a global communications revolution in which technology, creativity and strategy drive never ending possibilities in the way we communicate, share information and do business. We believe that these three forces are at the core of the revolution. Our vision of Advanced group is a company where technology, creativity and strategy represent the core of our discipline. The nature of communicating, collaborating and doing business is changing at a tempo never experienced before. The idea of deploying strategies that impact not only your immediate market , but also extends to the far corners of the world or even to each and every employee's desktop , is now within reach.

VISION TECHNOLOGY Advanced group was founded to take advantage of the diverse technology opportunities that became available with the start of the Internet and World Wide Web revolution. From the start, our business has been based on taking technology opportunities and turning them into solutions for business. We enable businesses to actively reduce the complexities, costs and risks associated with implementing new technology strategies within their operations.

VISION CREATIVITY Technology has allowed for unparalleled creativity to emerge in the marketplace. The possible ways of interacting and presenting information are literally infinite. The creativity we integrate into our projects is tempered with good strategy. The most immediate creative opportunities for business have been in marketing, advertising and customer communication. While most companies have brand and signature strategies in place as part of their traditional media efforts, the extenuation of a company's brand in new media presents new complexities for the designer. Our vision includes the design creativity that is a core component of traditional media. We often refer to it as the "sports car paradox" where the need to marry superb technology with flawless design is paramount in the process and in the end result. But new media strategies require additional design creativity talents. The graphical user interface (GUI) that the user must absorb, understand and interact with requires careful thought. New media design requires dimensional perspectives, the attention to the myriad of possibilities and opportunities involved with the capabilities of specific user technology, and most of all, it needs the proper balance between form and function. That process, however, requires strategy.

VISION STRATEGY Businesses generally launch Internet and computer multimedia marketing strategies first to compliment their existing media efforts while reaching their customers in a more convenient and interactive environment. We call this an "external focus" of new media. The next step is bringing the focus "internally." Small businesses, departments or regional offices deploy "Intranets" that automate business operations and empower employees with the ability to access and publish critical business information. Finally, businesses evolve and refine their external and internal efforts and deploy comprehensive "Extranets" that further integrate aspects of electronic commerce, customer database management, human resources, customer and vendor/partner communications, inventory management and other critical business operations. This evolution requires technological expertise, design creativity and accurately implemented strategies to complete. Advanced group aims to be that resource through the evolution. Advanced group uses its collective knowledge, experience, systems and creativity to develop strategies that evolve from research, analysis, collaboration and innovation. Our four years of analyzing business needs as they relate to Internet and new media opportunities have evolved our approach. The projects in which we are involved with are, from the inception to the review and modification, based in furthering our clients' brand positioning, market reach, operational efficiency and revenue generation.

VISION METHODOLOGY We're often fond of saying, "A Web site is never finished." But it does have a start, and it needs milestones and measures of accomplishment. Integrating the technology, creativity and strategy required for developing compelling new media is usually no small task, regardless of the size of the project. Since we started, we've worked on this process. "In the beginning" it was as unrefined as the media itself. Each venture was an exploration of new territory. Over time, however, the implemented strategies began to follow a process. At one point we stood back and realized that we had developed an approach -- a process -- a methodology. Whether it passively serves to guide discussions and development, or embodies a 1,500 item project schedule, the methodology serves as the theoretical backbone for checklists and discussion, ensuring that the project integrates the technology, creativity and strategy required to meet expectations. Our methodology is not all that unique. In fact, it is similar to most processes that start as an idea, then end as the changing environment requires new ideas and strategies. It involves a five- step process Concept , Design , Development , Implementation and Enhancement.